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Pure mountain air, clear musical streams, the evocative fragrance of pine forests, cerulean skies and snow capped peaks in the distance. The feeling of exuberance and wonder evoked by such spectacular landscape can last a lifetime.

Himachal Pradesh, the land of eternal snows, has this and more to offer. It is rightly called ‘DEVBHOOMI’ the land of GODS with over 63 crore deities. Shimla the ex summer capital of India also the capital of this beautiful state, is the priced pearl which has various sights and sounds to present.

Established in 2005, Hotel Blossom has emerged as one of the fastest player in the field of hospitality all over the world. In short span of 8 years, it has made a remarkable achievement by providing world class facalities to its customers. All the basic amenities and facilities are provided with a broad smile that’s present at all times to greet our clients.



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